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Monday, February 15, 2010

Talent is Overrated

In books like Geoff Colvin’s Talent is Overrated and Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers we learn that deliberate practice of habits will lead to success. Check out this video. It represents countless hours of practicing the following steps. Each step is a note, and when strung together makes for a great song.

1) Cuts to the ball in working in straight lines with hands ready
2) Right side of the court, moving away from the basket, left foot set as pivot foot ready for a sweep and go, or rubber band
3) Hard to see (number 25 steps in the line of the camera angle) but if you frame by frame it, defender's hands are down, put the defenders nose in his ear, by sweeping ball across his face to create some space.
4)Athletic stance dribbling the ball on outside of knee, below knee with chicken wing out
5)Cross-over below the knee, with chicken wing out.
6)Enters the paint through the elbow.
7)Offers 33 his left arm for contact, leaving his shooting arm fee from the contact.
8)The focus to finish in traffic.
9)The vertical equals 2 years of strength training, plyo and core to achieve a 40 inch vertical.

Coach Paul

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