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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monkey See Monkey Do - Hey I Saw A Box-Out

Don’t quote me how many rebounds are grabbed in the NBA. The number of rebounds will be equal to the number of missed shots. What I’d challenge you to do is count up the amount of box-outs you see in the NBA. They are few and far between or is just the camera angle? Blame it on the 80 games plus schedule, maybe it’s impossible to expand that type of energy over that length of a season. Blame it on the fact that professional sports have a huge entertainment value, and you will never see a box-out making a highlight reel. The P.A.S.S. style of NBA basketball Pass And Stand Still is not a good model for young players.
Unfortunately, monkey see monkey do. The swat becomes more intriguing as a defensive tool to young players than does the box out. Have you ever had a player that you could give the assignment of keeping the other team’s best player off the boards for the entire game? I’ve been fortunate enough to have had that experience as a coach. I’ve had the pleasure of coaching players with that type of sacrifice. My eldest daughter Nicole, Mike "The Hammer" Tomlinson, and Evan "Bulldozer" DeGier can be included in that list. Invaluable!
More box outs equals:
1. More rebounds equals more possessions equals higher percentage shots. On the offensive boards it translates into higher percentage shots. Defensives rebounds translate into transition and higher percentage shots.
2. More rebounds equals more possessions for your team less for your opponents’ team.
3. Just ask Tom Izzo. Boxing-Out and rebounding equals a toughness factor to your team. I’ve heard Coach Izzo say “please have your players play football or something to toughen them up before you send them my way.
4. Rebounding is an activity that will land your players on the Free Throw line especially on the offensive glass. More chances to score, and an opportunity to get an advantage by getting your opponents best players off the floor in foul trouble.

Is it me or is it them
Coach Paul

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