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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Signs Of Intelligence

A Chemistry Professor I had once said Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Turns out he was quoting Albert Einstein. How many times do we see coaches badgering referees? This action is repeated throughout the game, and through out their season. You have to stop and ask yourself, is it working? Have I ever got a referee to reverse a call? Even if the answer is yes, and I have seen it happen once, is the energy used to badger the ref worth the outcome. When I saw it happen it was a tipped ball out of bounds, and although possessions are important. It really had no effect on the game.

Here are some reasons to reconsider the energy spent questioning, yelling, and badgering the referees.

1.You are no longer coaching. Spend that energy on your team. Cheer them, instruct them, and make adjustments. There is an energy crisis, don’t contribute to it.

2.Believe it or not referees are human. If you think yelling at them will get them to answer your question in a civil way? Do you think how they are made feel will not bias the occasional call?

3.Be a role model. Would you expect this behaviour from you players? Show them how to conduct themselves on and off the court.

4.Be a student of the game. Engage a referee in a conversation. Invite a referee to your practice and have them talk about the game and then do a Q & A with your players and the referee. After a big time defensive smack on the backboard when one of my players was going to the cup, I asked the referee, can you explain to me how that is not goal-tending, when the shaking of backboard and rim are clearly effecting the shot. Answer: I can’t be expected to interpret the intention of hitting the backboard. So if the defender is smacking the board on the same side as the shot, then, I have to let it go. Now you and I know that all smacks to the backboard are an attempt to effect the shot, but the point of the matter is I was not informed and dropped any frustration with this call never being made. My expectation changed, and I can now coach around this.

Is it me or is it them
Coach Paul

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