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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is Confidence A Skill?

Is confidence a skill? If confidence is a skill, who owns it? Just like ball-handling or shooting, confidence can be taught. Just like any skill some learn quicker than others, and some are more naturally adept to excel in that area.
With deliberate practice a player can become more confidence just as they can become a better ball-handler or a better shooter

Coaching parenting and teaching are very similar in that the power structure is not balanced nor should it be. As a coach you should be someone that is mentoring and teaching. You can be friendly but you are not the player’s friend in the sense that both parties are equals. When you teach it is your responsibility to make it an interesting and exciting environment in which to learn. In the end, any thing taught, whether it is ball-handling or confidence, it is up to the individual to learn it. They own that skill. When a player thanks you for making them better, remind them that they did the work. They learned the skill, and that you were happy to be part of that. That skill belongs to them. They worked at making it better under your guidance.

With the power balance being skewed there is no doubt you can have either a positive or negative effect on a players confidence.

What can you do to help players improve their confidence?

• Positive feed back during drills in the form of sound-bites in drills. Give teaching point and its pure information
• Provide an exciting and positive environment for players to learn
Visualization Exercise For Improving Focus
Shuttling (Internal- External Concentration)
Recognizing, Stopping And Replacing Thoughts
Positive Self- Talk And Thought-Stopping For Improving Focus
Managing Distracters And Focusing On Relevant Cues
• Help players set goals for themselves and for the team. Use S.M.A.R.T. technique
• Conduct sports meditation sessions or introduce them to the concept.
• Help them form rituals
• Have them reflect on their achievements. Hard work and dedication equals results. Have them take a mental snap shot of where they were, where they are now, and where they want to be.
Help them live in the moment.
Coach Paul


Anonymous said...

I believe yes. you have to learn to have it. I believe its a skill.You acquire it through experience.

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Dinh Ha said...
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