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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Being In The Moment

Basketball like life is best when you are in the moment. You must learn from your past, prepare for the future but while you are playing, you must be in the moment.

Learning from the Past: If you make a mistake(s), don’t dwell on it either in practice or in a game. In practice you can not get better unless you are working at a pace where you will make mistakes. Anyone can bounce a ball, but you will not get better simply bouncing a ball. You have to go so fast using correct technique that you risk loosing control of the ball. Keep working at that pace and eventually you will be able to be mistake free (or nearly mistake free) at the new pace. Once you have achieved the new pace, you must chase the next level. In a game, if you make a mistake you have to leave it behind and concentrate on the next task at hand. Make a mental note, shot fell short, focus on back of the rim, and then move on to get a rebound or a defensive stop or what ever the game and your coach dictates you do. Don’t fill your head with negative thoughts. If that is a stumbling block for you, then work on doing a replace with a positive thought, and move on

Prepare for the future: In practice evaluate your skills and determine what you are struggling with. Work harder on that skill; trying to perfect it, After all, practice is like the homework that prepares you for the exam. The game is the exam. Set goals using the SMART technique. You need to have short term , mid range and long term goals to work towards. if you are looking for nothing you will surely find it

Be in the moment: It might take some buying into this principal because you hear sports analysts say, that you need to be able to see 3 or 4 plays down the road to be great. Or do you? When you are living in the moment, there is no stress, and you are free to be creative. You are more likely to be able to respond to situations. We have all heard the phrase, take what the defense gives you. That’s a form of responding with confidence and lack of stress. It is not seeing 3 or 4 plays down the road; it is read and respond to the current situation. It is that feeling of being in the zone.

Coach Paul

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