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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Painting By Numbers

Just like painting by numbers, coaching by numbers can almost replicate the real thing.
Inside a singular team, it might even look like art. A player moving around in their system, with expertise, but that is a dance. That can be a well rehearsed dance, but can those same players play the game? Are they skilled?
Don’t coach numbers, coach players. Make sure you are teaching the same skill set to all your players. Depending on the level of competition and the age level players will have to play down or up a position.
How many times do we see players that grow early and get stuck playing with their back to the basket, then find themselves stuck at 6.2 or so, with no perimeter skills. Not to mention, the lack of true post skills that are being taught to those players. At 6.2 if that player is lacking in perimeter skills, how will he be able to play at the next level. Matter of fact, 6.2 is a point guard at the collegiate level.
It reminds of a story an Italian friend of mine once told me about his grandfather. I asked how his grandfather was doing. He said not so well. He’s not really learning any English, and he’s forgetting all of his Italian. Soon he’ll be mute.
Don’t let your players become mute on the hardwood. Make sure you are teaching them how to be a better passer, how to read the floor, how to shoot in different situations (see upcoming blog on being a complete shooter), how to be a good ball handler, how to box out, how to rebound, how to set a screen, how to get on the floor safely to retrieve a loose ball, how to take a charge safely, and how to communicate.

Coach Paul

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