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Monday, March 29, 2010

Off the Rack Versus Custom Made

In an earlier blog “Be a Triple Threat Player” I talked about players who are athletically gifted. Witnessing a gifted athlete, should never discourage you from continuing to work on your athleticism. You should be trying to reach your potential not match someone else’s potential.
But the truth of the matter some players are “Off-The-Rack” in this sense. They don’t work on their verticals other than practicing jumping and yet they can sky. Others need to be “Custom-Made” athletes by building their verticals from a well balanced program, including;
1. Core Strength
2. Dynamic Stretching
3. Resistance Training
4. Plyometrics
5. Sports Specific Jump Training
6. Speed Quickness Agility Training
7. Skipping

How much of each? That should be determined per athlete based on testing on each area. The results from testing will allow for a customized program that will target the areas that need the most improvement. A balanced program will also help in injury prevention.

Check out this video of and up and coming baller, Brandon John. It’s been my pleasure working with this young man from Toronto. Other than practicing his jumping, by working on his dunks, he has done very little specific vertical training. This player is “Off-The-Rack” athletic. I can’t wait to see him become “Custom-Made”.

We just came back from the King of New York Tournament in Rochester New York, where the team won Silver. Watch BJ throw down.

Oh did I mention Brandon is 5.11! (white jersey # 23)

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