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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Push Me

well sometimes push me means exactly that. I'm doing a clinic in Toronto, and I have the boys doing some 4 ball, ballhandling drills in pairs. Enphasis on atheltic stance. I'm knocking them about a bit to check their balance, and just because it raises the intensity, and competitive nature of the boys. I'm being me.. whoopin and hollarin, getting the atmosphere high energy, when one of the boys shouts out to me "coach push me, push me". I go over to him, and say "oh yes I WILL push you, and challenge you, but at some point you need to find it within yourself to push yourself. You need to be self motivated. You need to find it in here (tapping on his sternum) to take you outside your comfort zone"... pounding those balls he never missed a beat.. but said "no coach, I mean push me like you pushed that other kid. Check my balance" LOL..

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